Free web design beginner courses for Nigerians.

Speed up your career or business with free, beginner-friendly web design courses. Learn at your own pace with a personalised learning dashboard.

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Achieve things you never imagined possible

Learn how to create great websites from scratch using industry-standard tools and technologies.

Beginner Friendly

You don't need to have any knowledge of coding before you start learning. All our courses start from the beginning.

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Learning Path

No need to think about what next after your first module. We've got it all figured out.

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Learn your way

The courses come in both video and text format, so you can learn either way. You can also save your learning progress and come back to it later.

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Nkuzicode, created with you in mind

Nkuzicode was started to give people living in Nigeria who are interested in learning web design a free starter kit. The major aim of Nkuzicode is to create an organised, localised, engaging, and flexible online resource for Nigerians interested in learning how to design websites. Nkuzicode will be free forever because I believe that knowledge should be free.

In case you missed anything

Everyone! Okay almost everyone :). Gain today's most in-demand skill - web design. whether you're growing your business, starting a career in web design, or just want to try something new. I've got a range of beginner web design courses and over 20 hours of learning available to help take you where you need to go in web design. If you're keen to come and learn, I am keen to meet you!

Not a kobo. Everything available on Nkuzicode is completely free. No hidden charges or subscriptions. Nkuzicode was started to give back to society.

You'll learn how to create websites from scratch using modern technologies like HTML and CSS. You will also learn how to make your websites accessible and a bit about content hierarchy, colours, and typography.

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