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Everyone! Okay almost everyone ?. Gain today's most in-demand skill – web design. whether you're growing your business, starting a career in web design, or just want to try something new. We’ve got a range of beginner web design courses and over 20 hours of learning available to help take you where you need to go in web design. If you’re keen to come and learn, we’re keen to meet you!

Not a kobo. Everything available on Nkuzicode is completely free. No hidden charges or subscriptions. Nkuzicode was started to give back to society.

You'll learn how to create websites from scratch using modern technologies like HTML and CSS. You will also learn how to make your websites accessible and a bit about content hierarchy, colours, and typography.

Nkuzicode is pretty laidback, there are no countdown timers for you to complete the modules. You can complete modules at your own pace. Every step is a step in the right direction, so keep going!

That is not advisable as we have tailored a personal learning plan for you so you can learn web design skills that are most important to you and your business. It is best to follow the lesson arrangement within each course.

We are not accredited to give out certificates yet. But the skills you’ll gain from the courses will help you grow your web design career or business.

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