About Nkuzicode

Nkuzicode was started to give people living in Nigeria who are interested in learning web design a free starter kit. The major aim of Nkuzicode is to create an organised, localised, engaging, and flexible online resource for Nigerians interested in learning how to design websites. Nkuzicode will be free forever because I believe that knowledge should be free.

I intend to bridge the knowledge gap in web design between Nigeria and the rest of the world. I want to create a world where anyone in Nigeria has localised learning tools and resources at their fingertips to create something meaningful on the web.

image of two young ladies sitting on the floor, smilling and looking at a laptop inside an illustrated room

Meet your Instructor

Image of Peterson, the instructor of Nkuzicode, wearing a white t-shirt and a black jacket with hands in his pocket

Hey, how far? I am Peterson ? I lived in Nigeria most of my life and knew how difficult it was to learn how to code online. So, Nkuzicode was created to make the process of learning web design easier for you.

Struggling between the poor internet connection and disorganised YouTube videos, I finally got the hang of web design. After designing a couple of websites and working for a bunch of digital agencies, I travelled to London to further my education. I am pursuing a master’s in web design and content planning at the University of Greenwich, and I created Nkuzicode as my major project.

It is not like I am an expert in web design right now, this is more like teaching you the little I know at the moment, so you don’t have to go through all the stress I went through. When I am not coding or designing, I will be playing computer games, watching movies, playing table tennis, or hanging out with friends over a few drinks.